Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Already?

That's how I felt when I looked at the calender today. And then I had a smack my head moment since just yesterday we decided to do baskets for each other on a budget of $20 each. Panic mode! So after work I hit up Dollar Tree and Target and completed the basket in less than an hour. Yay me! Although, I might cheat and make it $30 because I really want to get a nice beer to go with the basket.

What's in it, you ask?

  • Wooden brain teaser, $1
  • Cadbury eggs, $3
  • Peeps, $1
  • Plastic eggs, $1
  • Chocolate bunny, $1
  • Basket, $1
  • Mrs. Fields mini chocolate sampler, $1
  • Beer mug, $1 (why I want nice beers to add to it)
  • Grass, $1
  • Jelly beans, $1
  • Chocolate eggs, $1
  • Bubble bath, $5

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