Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our 'Bad' Day

Chris and I have been eating really healthy meals 24/7 lately. I have been reading and hearing that it's ok and even good to have one, but just one, day a week where you allow yourself to have a bad (less healthy) meal. So tonight was our bad night! We went to a small local burger joint for...burgers! I of course had their garden veggie burger which was surprisingly delicious and Chris seemed to enjoy his beef patty as well. Now, when you think americana burgers and fries you of course think of a milkshake for dessert. Tonight was no different. We walked across the street to a coffee shop for milkshakes. I really wanted one, and made the conscious decision to get one because I thought there was no vegan options for a good milkshake. Well, within two minutes on Pinterest I found vegan options! And an entire website/blog full of them! I will be sure to try some out when I get the chance and post updates but if you would like to try some on your own you should go check out !

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