Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting Better

I have done a LOT better this week. I still need to make conscious decisions/reminders to take off or replace animal products in meals but it's getting easier. I'm becoming more aware of the vegan options that are regularly available at my local grocery which makes it easier to use my vegetarian cookbooks and know what I can replace in the recipes with substitutes. This was a busy week, like last week, so I am extra proud of myself for the choices I made and from staying away from doing something easy and reverting back to old habits.
I ended up not making the vegan cheesecake this week because I didn't read the instructions well and realized the day of that I needed a spring form pan which I don't own. However, Chris did cook a vegan dinner for us while I was at work and had it ready when I got home on Valentine's Day. It was very sweet! Especially because he's not the biggest fan of this dietary change. We're trying a bunch of new recipes this upcoming week so hopefully something will be worthy of the blog!

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