Saturday, February 18, 2012

Building My Garden

Today was a sunny day here in NC! What a great opportunity to start working on my garden. Last year I had it in the backyard. Bad idea for two reason: 1) Only one of the dogs understood the mini fence was meant as a sign to stay out. 2) We have a great big tree in our backyard that provides plenty of shade. Great for a hot summer day, bad for growing veggies.
So this year, I decided to put it at the side of our duplex which gets lots of sun. Downside is it's also where we have thrown trash for the past year and a half. It's still not quite ready for the seeds and seedlings but I think it looks way better than it did this morning. Which means...before-ish (I had been working for 30 minutes before I thought to document the progress) and after pics! Yay!



I'm going to put a mini trellis in front of the ugly AC unit and have the tomatoes and cucumbers grow there. I'm considered painting it a light yellow. As for the other wire stuff, I'm still thinking about ways to make it prettier. 

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