Friday, January 20, 2012

Grocery Fail

Today was our grocery day. Before going to the store I picked a few recipes, including some from my favorite cookbook, Get Healthy, Go Vegan. However, mentally I also chose to cook a modified version of a mexican casserole we love. The original calls for chicken, but I substitute an extra can of black beans. Anyway, the casserole calls for mexican blend cheese and I meant to get the soy version. We even went to the fancy Harris Teeter just so we could get the soy cheese and pita bread but out of old habit we walked right by the soy cheese and got the cow milk cheese instead.  It's like I go into autopilot when I walk through the sliding doors. Next time we go to the grocery, I'm going to need to put a post it on the cart reminding myself to get the vegan version of our usual dairy purchases. 

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