Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dining Out

Last night I went to dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate the 21st birthday (yay!) of my friend Kristina. In the past, my go to item on the menu was their cheese ravioli. However, last night I decided to try for a vegan meal. Through my experience as a vegetarian I already know that it can be difficult to find something on the menu other than a salad to eat when I go out for dinner but was glad to see a couple of other vegan options, although not many, on their menu. I decided on the minestrone soup, without the cheese on top. It was delicious! Unfortunately, I forgot to mention my new vegan ways when the salad came out so there was cheese on that, oops. There's a lot to remember.

Before dinner, I ran to the store to get some batteries. I guess because Valentine's day is coming up there was chocolate everywhere. I guess because I had been thinking I'll be giving chocolate up soon I should 'treat' myself to a big (huge) bag of m&m's. This bag was probably meant to fill a jar, and I can't bring myself to see how many m&m's equals a serving because in a fit of "Oh no! I'm giving up chocolate!" I ate half of the bag before going to bed. You should know, I don't actually eat much candy, including chocolate, so I'm not sure why it's such a hard thing for me mentally to decide to give up. However, even today, nearly twenty-four hours after the m&m fiasco my stomach still hurts. I am now more than willing to give up chocolate.

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